Unique SQOOM Effect

Therapeutic effect with inflammatory diseases

How it works


Programme C1 (0.5 MHz)

Treatment of pains and fractures.


Programme C2 (1.5 MHz)

Treatment of inflammatory diseases and wounds.


Programme C2 (1.5 MHz)

Treatment of very sensitive skin. Treatment of children. 

SQOOM clinical is working with highly effective ultrasound

Depth of penetration depends on the impulse frequencies (in MHz).
As a rule, the higher the impulse frequency, the lower the depth of penetration and depth effect.
The secondary effects described above can, however, cause a considerable continuance of the energy into the depth in connective tissue even with higher frequencies.

Illustration: Schematic representation of the depth of penetration of ultrasonic frequencies (image not to scale). In practise you contact the ultrasound-head on the skin with gel!