A Revolutionary Invention

The outstanding success of SQOOM® Lipus⁺ (certified Medical Device) is based on the perfect interaction of well-balanced technologies.

The synergistic effects of Light, Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) and DC magnetic field makes nanomaterials to exhibit an excellent performance right after therapy sessions.

SQOOM® Lipus⁺ can be used by doctors, Alternative medicine practitioners, physiotherapists and Beauty Therapy professionals.

Moreover SQOOM LipusPlus was developed after extensive theoretical knowledge and vast practical experience in the field of therapeutic ultrasound and Magnetic Therapy and is considered one of the leading devices in the Physiotherapy field. SQOOM LipusPlus has been demonstrated to be a valuable treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and manage to treat superficial pathologies where conventional methods have failed, with an extremely high success rate as LIPUS ultrasound. The LipusPlus has excellent efficacy in treating superficial orthopedic pathologies and in spinal treatment.

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS)

Ultrasound induces regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects on biological tissues, such as bone, cartilage, and tendons. It enhances transport of valuable active ingredients of SQOOM® serums deep into the skin as well.

Magnetic Field

Incorporated coil creates and sends magnetic energy into the body. These energy waves work with your body's natural magnetic field to improve healing. The magnetic increases electrolytes and ions at cellular level and naturally influences electrical changes and improves cellular metabolism.

Cold Infrared Light (invisible)

With 880 nm wave length and 1,8 W/m2 radiation intensity builds up cell energy, Metabolism is stimulated and makes muscles relaxed.

Blue light therapy (visible)

With 480 nm wave length and 1,8 W/m2 intensity balances free radicals and activates the body's own biochemical processes for self-healing and has pain-relieving effects by releasing Nitric Oxide in treated area (RedOx harmonisation).

Revolutionize your practice with SQOOM® Lipus⁺ (Made in Germany)

The first certified medical device that effectively combines ultrasound, magnetic field and light therapies.

SQOOM® Lipus⁺ is recommended for use in a wide spectrum of skin conditions, Aesthetic & beauty clinics, inflammatory joint disorders, wound healing, rehabilitation and pain management centers.

SQOOM® Lipus⁺ System with GenImpulse® Technology (ISPTA 30mW/cm2)

With three ultrasound frequencies is the first device of its kind which utilizes a combination of Ultrasound, Magnetic field and Light therapies (Four in one)!

The Ultrasound intensity is 30mW/cm2, therefore an enzyme stimulation could be achieved without active heat generation.

A constant DC magnetic field will avoid hot-spot formation and increases the blood circulation via Nitric Oxide (NO) stimulation. This will increase the local oxygen supply to induce the proven concepts of enhanced metabolic activity, acceleration of cartilage regeneration and bone healing.

Infrared (cold) and Blue Lights will contribute to building up of cell energy (ATP formation) and balanced free radicals formation. This will enhance the self-healing process for trauma, wound and similar conditions.

Sonophoresis is a well-established concept utilized in SQOOM® Lipus⁺ System

For many years now, sports physicians and beauty specialists have been using ultrasound as a transportation vehicle to introduce active substances packed in ultrasound gel deep into the skin. Active ingredients such as frankincense, anti-inflammatory molecules and hyaluronic acid and other antioxidants have been successfully used through Sonophoresis technic and GenImpulse® Technology.

Working Principle

A multitude of physiological effects, produced by a defined combination of physical impulses, have the aim of supporting the self-regulating forces of the body. Apart from a direct mechanical effect to the tissue by pressure and particle movement, secondary effects come into play, such as acoustic and electric microfluidics, also known as “micromassage”.

In the process, enzymes are formed, activated and- if necessary-inhibited. Tissue hormones are consequently released to apply a positive effect on the metabolism, nerves and muscles function. SQOOM® Lipus⁺ System relieves pain, increases the blood flow, relaxes the muscles, and forcedly dissolves waste products (salt conglomerates from excess acids) in the connective tissue.
As a result, SQOOM® Lipus⁺ System  applies a stimulating effect into tissue regeneration and supports fracture healing. 

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Programme 1

0.5 MHz.  Therapeutic effect on hard tissue repair, inflammatory conditions, pain relief & increasing the peripheral blood supply via skin.

Programme 2

1.5 MHz. Therapeutic effect on wound healing and to work with the spectrum of skin conditions.

Programme 3

2.5 MHz. Treatment for pediatric cases and very sensitive or superficial skin.

LipusPlus is extremely cost-effective, has no maintenance requirements, and can fit most users’ budgets. The LipusPlus enables the user more treatments per hour, with the highest effectiveness possible.

• Compact and portable

• Without maintenance costs

• High localization precision, no imaging required

• No anesthesia required

• Comfortable treatment

• Short treatment time (15 minutes)

• CE approved

Ultrasound Penetration

• The penetration depth depends on selected impulse frequencies (0.5, 1.5 or 2.5 MHz).

• The higher the impulse frequency, the lower will the depth of penetration and depth effect be.

• As a secondary effects , a considerable continuance of energy will be directed into depth of connective tissue in treated area.

• The SQOOM® Lipus⁺ System is a focused and safe medical ultrasound. It’s a medically certified device in a portable bag and can be used by trained individuals. 

Constant DC magnetic field

• GenImpulse® technology (patent pending)

• 3 Frequency Ultrasound

• Cold IR combined with Blue Light

• Magnetic fields

• Deep penetration in the tissues

• Minimal tissue heat generation

• User friendly with integrated touch keypad and sound signal

Unique SQOOM® Effect

A wide spectrum of therapeutic effects could be achieved by using specific SQOOM® xCential serums. Our xCential Serum formulas are the pillars of SQOOM® skincare treatments. We are regularly developing new formulas for our SQOOM® branded serums and will update them under relevant therapy categories.

For more information and to know more about our range of xCential Serum under development, please visit the SQOOM® website here.


xCential OL

Back- and muscle tension

Powerful liposomal encapsulated boswellia serrata extract is able to relaxe tension and relieve discomfort.


xCential AK

Impure, greasy skin

Natural salicylic acid extracted from willow bark is able to open blocked pores. Black cohosh can have a regulating effect on the sebum production of the sebaceous glands.


xCential NA

Scars and stretch marks

Bio-active amino acids and natural onopordon acanthium extract is able to assist in the skin’s own repair process.


xCential PS

Dry, flaky skin

Extracted from liposomal active ingredients of boswellia acid, magnolol, liposomal encapsuled liquorice active ingredients, calendula extract, dexpanthenol and pure camelia seed oil.


xCential RO

Reddened, sensitive skin

Magnolol and the active ingredients of caper buds can have a skin soothing and extra sensitive effect.


xCential NE

Dry, irritated skin

Magnolol, dexpanthenol, extract obtained from buds of Capparis spinosa and pure camelia seed oil can have a skin soothing and moisturising effect.

Scientific Publications

SQOOM® Lipus⁺ Indications of use

According to medical certification and clinical experience.

A well-established element for all contemporary physiotherapy practices

• ‘non-thermal’ aspects of the intervention
• tissue repair and soft tissue lesion management
• ‘electrotherapy’ interventions
• Anti-inflammatory effects at cellular and molecular level

Therapeutic effect on pain management procedures

•  Muscular tension, pain and cramps
•  Sport induced injuries
•  Recovery after vigorous physical activity
•  Bruises and other injuries such as sprains or strains of muscles, tendons and ligaments

Therapeutic effect on inflammatory disorders

•  Calcified tendinitis of the shoulder joint
•  Epicondylitis
•  Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)


Therapeutic effect on increasing the peripheral cutaneous perfusion

•  Circulatory disorders
•  Vascular constrictions and their related symptoms
•  Disorders of the lymphatic system

Therapeutic effect in wound care

•  Diabetic foot and leg ulcers
•  Chronic venous leg ulcers
•  Chronic/ trophic skin wounds
•  Soft tissue injuries

Therapeutic effects in healing of hard tissue disorders

•  Tibia fractures, distal radius, scaphoid, long hollow bones
•  Pseudarthrosis or low healing tendency in fractures
•  Callus distraction and bone regeneration (Spongiosplasty)

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