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SQOOM® Clinical Ultrasound System with GenImpulse® Technology (ISPTA 30mW/cm2)

With three ultrasound frequencies is the first device of its kind which utilizes a combination of Ultrasound, Magnetic field and Light therapies (Four in one)!

The Ultrasound intensity is 30mW/cm2, therefore an enzyme stimulation could be achieved without active heat generation.

A tuned Pulsating Magnetic Field will avoid hot-spot formation and increases the blood circulation via nitrogen monoxide (NO) stimulation. This will increase the local oxygen supply to induce the proven concepts of enhanced metabolic activity, acceleration of cartilage regeneration and bone healing.

Infrared (cold) and Blue Lights will contribute to building up of cell energy (ATP formation) and reduced free radicals formation. This will enhance the self-healing process for trauma, wound and similar conditions.

Sonophoresis is a well-established concept utilized in SQOOM® Clinical Ultrasound System

For many years now, sports physicians and beauty specialists have been using ultrasound as a transportation vehicle to introduce active substances packed in ultrasound gel deep into the skin. Active ingredients such as frankincense, anti-inflammatory molecules and hyaluronic acid and other antioxidants have been successfully used through Sonophoresis technic and GenImpulse® Technology.

Working Principle

A multitude of physiological effects, produced by a defined combination of physical impulses, have the aim of supporting the self-regulating forces of the body. Apart from a direct mechanical effect to the tissue by pressure and particle movement, secondary effects come into play, such as acoustic and electric microfluidics, also known as “micromassage”.

In the process, enzymes are formed, activated and- if necessary-inhibited. Tissue hormones are consequently released to apply a positive effect on the metabolism, nerves and muscles function.  SQOOM® Clinical Ultrasound System relieves pain, increases the blood flow, relaxes the muscles, and forcedly dissolves waste products (salt conglomerates from excess acids) in the connective tissue. As a result, SQOOM® Clinical Ultrasound System applies a stimulating effect into tissue regeneration and supports fracture healing.

Programme Selection Guide


Programme C1

0.5 MHz.  Therapeutic effect on hard tissue repair, inflammatory conditions, pain relief & increasing the peripheral blood supply via skin.


Programme C2

1.5 MHz. Therapeutic effect on wound healing and to work with the spectrum of skin conditions.


Programme C3 

2.5 MHz. Treatment for pediatric cases and very sensitive or superficial skin.

Ultrasound Penetration

  • The penetration depth depends on selected impulse frequencies (0.5, 1.5 or 2.5 MHz).
  • The higher the impulse frequency, the lower will the depth of penetration and depth effect be.
  • As a secondary effects , a considerable continuance of energy will be directed into depth of connective tissue in treated area.
  • The SQOOM® Clinical Ultrasound System is a focused and safe medical ultrasound. Its medically certified and does not spread or penetrates all skin layers beyond the dermis.

Quick Features about SQOOM Clinical Ultrasound

  • GenImpulse® technology (patent pending)
  • 3 Frequency Ultrasound
  • Cold IR combined with Blue Light
  • Pulsating Magnetic Fiel
  • Depth penetration in the tissues
  • No local tissue heat generation
  • Iontophoresis mechanism of action
  • Easy handling with integrated touch keypad and sound signal

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