Unique SQOOM Effect

The first device of its kind that combines ultrasound, magnetic field and light therapy.

It is used for the treatment of fractures and joints, for bone healing disorders, for the relief of pain, for inflammatory diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, for the treatment of wounds and scars, as well as for cosmetic skin treatment.

For many years now, sports physicians have been using ultrasound as an aid to introduce active substances packed in ultrasound gel deep into the skin. This process is called sonophoresis.

Active ingredients such as frankincense/anti-inflammatory and hyaluronic/moisturising and antioxidant are used.

The magnetic DC field is used to increase metabolic activity, accelerate the regeneration of cartilage and bone, promote blood circulation and improve oxygen supply.

Cold infrared light penetrates deeper into the tissue than conventional UV light and can thus stimulate its metabolism even in the case of particularly deep-seated diseases and injuries. ATP formation/cell energy is built up and self-healing is activated more quickly.

The aim of blue light therapy is to reduce the excessive reactions of the immune system – the production of inflammatory cells – with the help of the body’s own forces.

How it works


Programme C1

0.5 MHz. Therapeutic effect on treatment of fractures, inflammatory disease, pain relief & increasing the peripheral blood supply of the skin.


Programme C2

1.5 MHz. Therapeutic effect in wound care and treatment for different skin conditions and skin diseases.


Programme C2 

2.5 MHz. Treatment for children and very sensitive skin.

Ultrasound Penetration

  • Depth of penetration depends on the impulse frequencies (MHz).
  • The higher the impulse frequency, the lower the depth of penetration and depth effect.
  • Secondary effects cause a considerable continuance of energy into depth in connective tissue.

The medical ultrasound of SQOOM is focused and safe, does not spread and penetrates all skin layers to the dermis.