Unique SQOOM Effect

Therapeutic effect with inflammatory diseases

xCential Serum

Clinical analysis of the treatment with SQOOM Concept in dermatological and painful disorders


xCential OL

Back- and muscle tension

Powerful liposomal encapsulated boswellia serrata extract is able to relaxe tension and relieve discomfort.


xCential AK

Impure, greasy skin

Natural salicylic acid extracted from willow bark is able to open blocked pores. Black cohosh can have a regulating effect on the sebum production of the sebaceous glands.


xCential NA

Scars and stretch marks

Bio-active amino acids and natural onopordon acanthium extract is able to assist in the skin’s own repair process.


xCential PS

Dry, flaky skin

Extracted from liposomal active ingredients of boswellia acid, magnolol, liposomal encapsuled liquorice active ingredients, calendula extract, dexpanthenol and pure camelia seed oil.


xCential RO

Reddened, sensitive skin

Magnolol and the active ingredients of caper buds can have a skin soothing and extra sensitive effect.


xCential NE

Dry, irritated skin

Magnolol, dexpanthenol, extract obtained from buds of Capparis spinosa and pure camelia seed oil can have a skin soothing and moisturising effect.


Impure, oily skin as typically seen in cases of acne. 

Anti-inflammatory and skinsoothing through salicylic acid and black cohosh.