Available Treatments

Clinical analysis of the treatment with SQOOM Concept in dermatological and painful disorders

Therapeutic effect in the treatment of fractures

Examples of indications:
•  Fractures of the tibia, distal radius, scaphoid, long
•  Tubular bones
•  Pseudarthrosis or disorder of bone healing
•  Callus distraction and bone regeneration
•  (plastic surgery of cancellous bone)

Therapeutic effect in wound care

Examples of indications:
•  Diabetic ulcers of feet and legs
•  Chronic venous ulcers of the leg
•  Chronic/ trophic skin wounds
•  Soft tissue injuries

Therapeutic effect on inflammatory diseases

Examples of indications:
•  Calcified tendinitis of the shoulder joint
•  Epicondylitis
•  Carpal tunnel syndrome

Therapeutic effect on increasing the peripheral blood supply of the skin

Examples of indications:
•  Circulatory disorders
•  Vascular constrictions
•  Arteriosclerosis
•  Peripheral arterial occlusive disease
•  Tinnitus
•  Lymphoedema
•  Disorders of the lymphatic system

Therapeutic effect on pain relief treatment

Examples of indications:
•  Injuries
•  Rheumatism
•  Arthritis
•  Muscle tension and pain, and cramps
•  Inflammations and swellings
•  Bruises and other injuries such as sprains or strains (distension) of muscles, tendons and ligaments
•  Torn ligaments, stretched ligaments, ruptured ligaments (desmorrhexis) or ligament injuries


xCential AK

Anti-inflammatory and skinsoothing through salicylic acid and black cohosh.