SQOOM Clinical Ultrasound Indications of use

According to medical certification and clinical tests

Therapeutic effects in healing of hard tissue disorders

Examples of indications:
•  Tibia fractures, distal radius, scaphoid, long hollow bones
•  Pseudarthrosis or low healing tendency in fractures
•  Callus distraction and bone regeneration (Spongiosplasty)

Therapeutic effect in wound care

Examples of indications:
•  Diabetic foot and leg ulcers
•  Chronic venous leg ulcers
•  Chronic/ trophic skin wounds
•  Soft tissue injuries

Therapeutic effect on inflammatory disorders

Examples of indications:
•  Calcified tendinitis of the shoulder joint
•  Epicondylitis
•  Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Therapeutic effect on increasing the peripheral cutaneous perfusion

Examples of indications:
•  Circulatory disorders
•  Vascular constrictions and their related symptoms
•  Disorders of the lymphatic system

Therapeutic effect on pain management procedures

Examples of indications:
•  Muscular tension, pain and cramps
•  Sport induced injuries
•  Recovery after vigorous physical activity
•  Bruises and other injuries such as sprains or strains of muscles, tendons and ligaments

A well-established element for all contemporary physiotherapy practices

Examples of indications:
• ‘non-thermal’ aspects of the intervention
• tissue repair and soft tissue lesion management
• ‘electrotherapy’ interventions
• Anti-inflammatory effects at cellular and molecular level

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